The Handbook of Loan Syndications and Trading 2006 г Твердый переплет, 1000 стр ISBN 0071468986 инфо 1926o.

The First Guide to Understanding and Capitalizing on the $1 Trillion-Plus Loan Syndications and Trading Market! The Handbook of Loan Syndications and Trading is the first resource especially designed to equiбчгпжp institutional investors and professional money managers with expert analysis and insights on every key aspect of this rapidly growing financial market Co-published by McGraw-Hill and the Loan Syndications and Trading Association (LSTA), The Handbook of Loan Syndicaвеыэфtions and Trading fully explains the evolution and history of the loan market…primary and secondary markets …analytics and performance…the credit agreement… pricing and all legal and regulatory issues This comprehensive reference guide features: First-ever guidance on the booming loan syndications and trading market, covering every topic that investors and money managers need to know Over 40 contributions from the leading players in loan syndication, including Standard & Poor'впуреs, Bank of America, JP Morgan, Credit Suisse, along with top Buyside Institutions and Law Firms Valuable insights and observations from industry experts A comprehensive A-Z glossary of all loan syndications and trading terms Dozens of helpful tables, charts, and examples.

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