Elmore James King Of The Slide Guitar (3 CD) Формат: 3 Audio CD (Картонная коробка) Дистрибьюторы: Snapper Music, Концерн "Группа Союз" Великобритания Лицензионные товары инфо 12567z.

Издание содержит буклет с фотографиями и дополнительной информацией на английском языке Диски упакованы в картонные конверты и вложены в картонную коробку Содержание CD1: Elmore James King Of The Slideбэифб Guitar 1 Dust My Broom (I Believe My Time Ain't Long) 2 Twelve Year Old Boy 3 Coming Home 4 It Hurts Me Too 5 Knocking At Your Door 6 Elmore's Contribution To Jazz 7 Cry For Me Baby 8 Take Me Where You Go 9 Bobby's Rock 10 Sky Iвкйшрs Crying 11 Baby, Please Set A Date 12 Held My Baby Last Night 13 Dust My Broom 14 Rollin' And Tumblin' 15 I'm Worried 16 Done Somebody Wrong 17 Fine Little Mama 18 I Need You (Baby) 19 I Can't Stop Lovin' You 20 Strange Angels 21 Early One Morning 22 She Done Moved CD2: Elmore James King Of The Slide Guitar 1 Something Inside Me 2 Stranger Blues 3 Anna Lee 4 Standing At The Crossroads 5 (My) Bleeding Heart всгед 6 My Kind Of Woman 7 Got To Move 8 So Unkind 9 Person To Person 10 One Way Out 11 Strange(R) Blues (Alternate Take) 12 Shake Your Moneymaker (Take 1/2) 13 Look On Yonder Wall 14 Go Back Home Again 15 Mean Mistreatin' Mama (Take 3) 16 Sunnyland Train 17 You Know You Done Me Wrong 18 Mean Mistreatin' Mama (Take 1) 19 Mean Mistreatin' Mama (Take 2) 20 You Know You're Wrong 21 Find My Kind Of Woman (Take 1) CD3: Elmore James King Of The Slide Guitar 1 My Baby's Gone 2 Find My Kind Of Woman 3 Look On Yonder Wall (Look Up On The Wall) 4 Dust My Broom 5 It Hurts Me Too 6 Pickin' The Blues (Manhattan Slide) 7 Everyday I Have The Blues 8 I Have A Right To Love My Baby 9 Twelve Year Old Boy 10 Got To Move (She's Got To Go) 11 I Gotta Go Now 12 Talk To Me Baby 13 Make My Dreams Come True 14 Hand In Hand (Take 4) 15 Can't Stop Loving My Baby 16 Dust My Brвуалвoom 17 Elmore Jumps One (Up Jumped Elmore) 18 I Believe 19 Back In Mississippi (Conversation) 20 Hand In Hand (Take 1) 21 Hand In Hand (Take 3) Исполнитель Элмор Джеймс Elmore James.

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