Funk Fever (4 CD) Серия: Fever инфо 204s.

Содержание CD1: Funk Fever Rare Groove 70's 1 Don't Tell It Джеймс Браун 2 Brother On The Slide "Cymande" 3 It's Your World Джил Скотт-Хирон, Браин Джэксон 4 Blow Your Head Фред бэзбгУисли, "The JB's" 5 Right On Клэренс Вилер, "The Enforcers" 6 Sliced Tomatoes "Just Brothers" 7 You're The Cream Of The Crop Андре Маурис 8 Humpin' Hard (Part 2) "Sky's The Limited" 9 Sometimes I Feel Like A Mвкичоotherkess Child Кэтлин Эмери 10 Trying To Make Ends Meet "Earl English", "The Apaches" 11 Funky 16 Corners "The Highlighters Band" 12 Trippin' On The Sound Дженни Трейси 13 Save Me Ванда Дэвис 14 Rock You Baby Georges MC Rae 15 The Groove I'm In Флоренс Миллер CD2: Funk Fever Rare Groove 70's 1 If You Want Me To Stay "Sly & The Family Stone" 2 I Don't Want Your Love Барбара Ховард 3 Sexy Ways, Pretвсвщшty Legs (Part 2) "All Points Bulletin Band" 4 I Turn You On Latin Breed 5 Be True To You Андре Маурис 6 Pushin' To Top Маркус Келли, "The Impassions" 7 Give A Helping Hand Джо Исаак Хендерсон 8 Mr Machine (Parts 1 & 2) "The Chefs" 9 Jungle "Young Senators" 10 Sissy Strut Джо Браво 11 Check Me Out Little Denise 12 There's Got To Be Son "The Groove Merchants" 13 Let's Do It Today "The Us" 14 Why Did You Do It "Stretch" 15 Love Will Bring Us Back Together Aga Рой Эйрс CD3: Funk Fever Funk 80's 1 Let's Start The Dance (Part 2) "Bohannon" 2 Let's Go Another Round (Tom Moulton Extended Edit) Рэйнбов Браун 3 You Can't Hide Your Love Дэвид Джозеф 4 Fate Чака Хан 5 Get On Up Jazzy Dee 6 We Got The Funk "Positive Force" 7 Tribute (Right On) "The Pasadenas" 8 You're The One For Me "D" Trвуажмain 9 Can't Fake The Feeling Геральдина Хунт 10 Love Don't Come Easy "New Jersey Connection" 11 I Hear Music In The Streets "Unlimited Touch" 12 Happy Days "Northend", Мишелль Вэлайс 13 No Favors "Temper" 14 Electric Boogie - Break Dance "West Street Mob" 15 The Message Грандмастер Флэш, "The Furious Five" CD4: Funk Fever Nu Funk 1 Evil Vibrations "The Rebirth" 2 This Land Is Our Land Шерон Джонс 3 Callin' Out Lyrics Born 4 Don't Joke With An Hungry "Quantic", Спэнки Уилсон 5 Playgroung Games TM Juke, Элис Рассел 6 For Your Precious Love "Jestofunk" 7 That Sound (Quantic Soul Orchestra Version) "Ohmega Watts" 8 No Rhyme No Reason "LTJ X-Perience", Джексон Слоан 9 Got To Be A Love (Paul NiceRemix) DJ Greyboy, Шерон Джонс 10 End Of The Road The Quantic Soul Orchestra, Элис Рассел 11 Melodicвуцяр Stroll TM Juke, Bread & Water"" 12 Happy Макс Седжли 13 Seven Nation Army "Nostalgia 77", Элис Рассел 14 In The Black Of Night (Liorca's Baroko's Remi "Slow Train Soul" 15 Superbad (Soul Substitute) LB Исполнители (показать всех исполнителей) Джеймс Браун James Brown "Cymande" Джил Скотт-Хирон Gil Scott-Heron.

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